Hello fellow dancer,


My name is Clint Steele and like you I am a student of social/partner dance. However, I know something others don't. I know what you can do to dance better right now.


Let me tell you how I found out about this. And why you can't learn this elsewhere!


When I started dancing a few years ago I noticed that there are many aspects to social dance. You have probably noticed the same thing. And if you want to dance well, then you have to be good at ALL of them.


You need:

  • Good timing and musicality so that you can dance in time with the music and express the music

  • Excellent physicality so that your body can move the way you want it to. Otherwise, you put so much effort into your movement that you lose time or forget what you’re doing.

  • Confidence so that you do not worry so much about making a mistake dancing in front of others or with another that you do end up making a mistake

  • The right mind set so that you can learn dance figures quickly instead of wasting time going over them again and again hoping you will get better. Or even worse, developing bad habits as you practice because you can’t quite get it right.


For me, musicality was the big challenge. You might find it difficult to remember all the figures. Or maybe your body does not move as you would like. Or you might feel really stressed and need more confidence. Or you might be as bad as I was with timing, and simply hope that you’re moving in time (whatever that means) with the music.


No matter your trouble with dance, I too have experiened it and I'll help you.


This is where it gets interesting!


When I started dancing I wanted to know more about how to be better at it. You know  what I mean. It’s a whole new world that opens up to you. One you wish you knew about earlier. There is really very little else out there that is like social dancing. You learn new things, you make new friends and you do things that you can do nowhere else. For these reasons, you want to be a better dancer. You already know how fun it is, and you can tell how much more fun it will be as you get better at it. That’s exactly how I felt.


So you can imagine how motivated I was to get better. You're the same. That's why you're here. And that's a good sign for you. The most important thing you can do to be a better dancer is to take action. You're on the right path and I want to help you follow it. Make sure you sign up** below so you can get all the help I have to offer.


However, I've made a discovery that you too have probably made.


There is more to learning dance than simply knowing how to dance.


Even though your dance teacher is a great dancer, and even though they can tell you how to dance, and even though they can always tell you what needs improving, they can’t get to the real issues that you need help with if.


The reason for this is that your dance teacher has been dancing for so long they can’t recall what it is like to learn to dance. They might have started so young that they don’t even know what it is like to start as an adult.


My teacher was great – all of my teachers have been great. That’s another thing about dance. It’s so enjoyable that your teacher always wants to see you dance better and will put tremendous effort into helping you.


This was true no matter the style I was learning or where I was learning. All the way from Waltz and Ballroom, to Cha Cha and Latin, to Salsa and tango, to blues and Swing. No matter the style I was learning the teachers had the same passion. They all want to see us dance well.


But they still do not always know what you need.


So I broke dance down into its elements and worked in each separately.


If I needed to become better at timing and musicality, then I would to musicians and read up on musical theory.

If I needed to improve the way my body moved, then I spoke the fitness instructors, physiotherapists and yoga practitioners.

When I had issues with confidence I consulted with public speaking trainers, body langue experts and meditation practitioners.

If I ever had troubles learning new figures or routines, then I consulted cognitive psychologists, educational specialists and expert trainers.


After doing this for a few years, I found two things.

One, I had a great set of techniques that helped me become a better dancer.

Two, I was giving advice to my fellow dance students who found that it helped them as much as it had helped me.


It was great; it was like a little community of students. We were trying different techniques to improve our dance as fast as possible and finding those that were the best.


And that’s what I want to give you – the techniques that will help you dance better faster. You might as well be one of those who know how to dance better.


Like I said before, and say a lot, the best thing you can do to be a better dancer is take action. You already are by being here. I can tell that you are on of those peope who enjoy dance and are prepared to take action to be better and enjoy dance even more. When someone has an idea you will try it, by trying these ideas you find and keep the best. Then you just simply dance better. All you need now is more ideas to try. Make sure you get the best ideas by filling out the forms** bellow.


I have now collected all of my knowledge on learning to dance into a 2 part e-book called “Dance Better Now”. I have helped lots of people become better dance students and better dancers with this e-book. Take a look at some of the comments on the side to see what others think.


People who read this e-book realise straight away what they can do dance better. And they see an instant improvement. Then about two weeks after reading the e-book and applying what is in there, they get comments from their teacher about how they are  dancing better.


You too can expect to improve your dance noticeably in 2 week!


The reason why this will happen is that in my e-book I show you how to find the real problems that is holding you back and then how to work on each.


Once you overcome each issue that holds you back, you will automatically improve with each lesson and dance will become even more enjoyable for you. Imagine getting noticeably better each dance lesson. It makes dance so much more fun.


Start reading my e-book now, and become the dancer you want to be. Enter your details now in one of the forms** below and I will email it to you straight away.


Where would you find a book that tells you the secrets to being a better dancer*?

*Dance can have many forms. However, I am mostly interested in social partner dancing. No matter the dance you’re interested in (how to waltz, how to Cha Cha, how to salsa, how to tango, how to samba, how to swing dance, how to bachada, how to mambo,  how to ballroom dance, how to Latin dance or any other dance) the approach I use will show you the fastest way to master it.


**I break things up slightly for men and women when I send updates. We each have slightly different issue. You may sign up to both if you wish – I just assumed men were not too interested in how a dress can make you dance better and that most women already know how distressing it is to dance with a sweaty man

Clint Steele

Independent reviews of the book


Dance Better Now


by Clint Steele


Derek Long

(AKA Dancing Derek)

Specialist freelance dancing tutor



Hi Clint. I have been subscribed to your email for years and have your e-books. I like how you focus on helping students learn. I have found your information really helpful.

Ann Marie Harper - social dancer, dance competitor and dance judge for the Maggie Cancer Centre



 Hello Clint, your e-book, Dance Better Now is extremely enlightening. It offers many valuable suggestions to become a better dancer. It’s worth reading not just once but two or three times. I have learned a great detail from you Clint, and when I have questions, you’re eager to answer them in an understandable way.


Sandy Muirhead-Gould sandydance.com



Hey Clint, I'm glad to be subscribed to you and found your first ebook quite useful indeed. I have just bought part 2 of this ebook.